Revised edition of The Music of Paul Chambers out now

A revised edition of The Music of Paul Chambers out now!

The Music of Paul Chambers offers a comprehensive look at the musical style of one of the greatest bassists of all time. With improvements and revised sections, the book offers seven full-length transcriptions from his famous recordings with Miles Davis and a comprehensive study of his walking bass style and his bass lines for ballads with 74 musical examples. The book concentrates on his late 1950’s playing on Kind of Blue, Cookin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet and Relaxin’ with The Miles Davis Quintet.

Paul Chambers (1935-1969) is one of the jazz legends and one of the most important bass players in the history of jazz. In his short career Chambers recorded hundreds of albums as a sideman with Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Jackie McLean and many others. In addition to his contributions as a bassist to many of the all-time classic jazz albums, his recordings as a band leader have also influenced generations of musicians. Paul Chambers was one of the most competent bass players of his time and has a lot to teach to the present day bassists.

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Praise for the previous edition: “I’ve just finished reading the book, “THE MUSIC OF PAUL CHAMBERS”. As a bassist found it very informative, and as a reader of many books, found it very well organized, thoughtful, and very moving. This book is a must for all bassists !!” – Ron Carter

Praise for the previous edition: “Mr. Nurmi, I wanted to personally thank you for the new book on Paul Chambers. I am so happy that you took the time to research and include some great quotes on improvisation and the connection to the artists. I have always been intrigued by not only how the musicians were able add so much poetry to their music but also why. I am fascinated by new medical research, (fMRI) showing the human brain when improvising jazz. I am a trumpet player (since 1956) and a jazz musician and teacher (since 1964) I appreciate your contributions to the study of jazz. Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching many bass players. I only wish your excellent book had been available earlier.” – Charlie Rose

Praise for the previous edition: “A Great Book Of Great Importance” – Amazon customer review

Praise for the previous edition: “I think any bassist or arranger looking to understand the formulation of bass lines in Jazz should own this book.” – Amazon customer review


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