Kaarna: Spring (2010)


Mikko Iivanainen (electric guitar)
Mikko Nurmi (electric bass, compositions)
Tatu Henttonen (drums)

Kaarna connects in its music free improvisation and rock. The spirit is to create music, where psychedelic, jazz and rock influences couple with group improvisation of guitar, bass and drums.

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some quotations from album reviews:

“**** KAARNA is a promising Finnish psychedelic progressive / post rock band with Mikko Nurmi’s matchless talent for composition, and deep bass, Mikko Iivanainen’s fuzzy and dazzling guitar, Tatu’s heavily and rigidly strict drumming. This album “Spring” is their brilliant debut album and simultaneously well-completed one.”

“**** Kaarna’s debut EP was a big pleasant surprise for me! Unknown Finnish band plays music I needed some listening to catch in, and I believe every next spin will open me more nuances. Far nor very often situation nowadays.”

More reviews:

Kiulu: Reverse Life (2010)


Mikko Nurmi (all instruments, compositions)

Finnish ambient/experimental.


Nousu: Love and Compassion (2009)


Jarno Tikka (tenor saxophone)
Mikko Nurmi (double bass, compositions)
Rolf Pilve (drums)

Nousu’s music is based on beautiful ballads and more harsh sounding free jazz. The music is freely structured and in the spotlight is free improvisation.

Ellipsis: Ellipsis (2010)


Mikko Nurmi (electric guitars, compositions)

Ellipsis started out as a one-man metal project. This album is the result of these aspirations.

Createspace eStore, Bandcamp

Other projects:

The Electric Pisara

Cover band for classic progressive rock by King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Agitation Free, etc.


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